Getting Started
One of the best ways we have found to begin connecting people in your neighborhood is to facilitate the creation of a neighborhood phone directory. It's not that hard.

Step One: Determine the boundaries of your "neighborhood". These boundaries might be determined by apartment buildings, city blocks, subdivisions or arbitrarily determined by you. You can access some "neighborhood boundaries" by checking with your local city planning department. They should be able to supply you with a list of homeowners that live within a certain geographical area.

Step Two: Using these boundaries and or list, go door to door with an informational/ sign-up flier. Click HERE to download and print a sample that we have used.

Step Three: After collecting the information, create a data base of all the names and contact information of the people in your "neighborhood". You can hand write this information, type it, enter it into a computer. Since most of the information is public record (information you could find in a phone book) you might want to check your local phone book and if you are unable to find phone numbers go to to check for more information.